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Update on Free Fire SEA Invitational participating teams


Update on Free Fire SEA Invitational participating teams


Dear survivors,

We regret to share that team RZX x Legacy will not be able to participate in the Free Fire SEA Invitational. Both Garena and RZX x Legacy had taken every necessary measure to secure the required documents from the relevant external agencies, but despite our best efforts, the team was unsuccessful in obtaining the documents in time.

We understand the hard work and dedication teams have put into preparing for such competitions. Garena has reached out to all teams participating in the FFSI and is committed to providing the necessary support to navigate these changes effectively. 


In light of the update, the following adjustments will be made to the FFSI tournament format:

Group Stage

  • Group A will compete with 5 teams. All Group Stage matches against teams in Group A will feature a total of 11 participating teams — 5 from Group A, and 6 from the other group.

  • The number of teams in Group Stage matches between Groups B and C will remain unchanged at 12 teams.

Grand Finals

  • The total number of teams advancing to the Grand Finals remains unchanged. The 12 Grand Finalists will be chosen based on the total points accumulated across all six days of the Group Stage.


Garena will continue to offer our utmost support to all teams involved in the FFSI.

Garena Free Fire Esports